Time for a change !

Posted: 6/29/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in

Long months have passed since we set up our home on our sim, Bada Bing.
A few designers joined our mall since then & we had a few events on the sim.

However, summer has come and we feel the need for a change.

We took the decision to totally remodel the sim & main store, to bring a new mall and a few new vendors.

The aim is of course to get the store bigger since, with time, our collection is getting of course, bigger but also to bring changes, to make the sim more attractive so you enjoy shopping in our store but also in our mall.

During the next days, we'll transfer the mainstore into a skybox. The mall vendors will NOT be accessible @Bada Bing anymore until the sim is done.

We'll be working downstairs while our events keep running in the skybox.

We hope to be done with it around the 10th-15th july. We cannot be sure of this though and prefer to do it slow than to do it bad.

We are sure you'll be satisfied of the new sim when the time comes for you to first visit it.

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