Week-end events & new release !

Posted: 7/01/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in


This week's theme is INDEPENDANCE DAY.
I therefore thought about creating something very american, unlike me with special cosmetics to celebrate !

The pack's normal price isn't expensive, since it's a seasonal item : it's 80L for 2 styles nails & an eye make-up.
However, for TOSL it will be half price, 40L.


Like a prayer headband in white. I so love to wear this one so I'm offering you a good bargain on it this week-end (from sat to sun).


The old store & mall are now ... closed ! Farewell, farewell old haunted mansion... Our new sim lay out and new mainstore are under construction at the moment. We ask you to DO NOT BE CURIOUS ;-). It will come soon !
Anyway, we have been working with the help of Cagalli Tokyoska on a temporary mainstore. Thanks to Cagalli (Ancayi's owner) for her precious help in making it a temporary but yet awesome place ^-^
From now and until the sim is ready, we'll welcome you directly to the temporary skybox. No need to seek for a new LM or SLURL, the landing point leads you directly to the place !

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