Fresh Air !

Posted: 7/25/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in

The air has started to smell rotten since a few months on SL, if you refer to my previous post.

Luckily enough, I have my bunch of amazing bloggers including Dagmar, Suriko, Vixxie, Whisper & all of those who regularly blog my stuff whether they are official bloggers or not... Those people are amazing and share their own vision of style using my items, every single of them in their own way. It's amazing to have you, guys !

Anyway, I found out recently about . Not only they propose to blog the regular events items but also do they do it in a good way, without any provocation, without any need to criticize in a mean way designers.

I had the chance to talk today to one of the bloggers, Vixen Thibedeau today, who seems to me as a very constructive and nice person. She kindly added this blog to her blog roll and I'm doing the same right now.

I hope that people who love fashion in Second Life and love creativity will support this blog. The aim isn't to dictate what people should love or hate but to give them an easy way to shop through the high number of events & to let them have their own opinion.

In a world in which we are everyday told what to think and do, this is a relief.

Thanks fo Vixen, thanks to Kat. We wish you a lot of success in what you're doing cos you deserve it.


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