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Posted: 7/25/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in

I'm sorry. I'm not an english native speaker and will probably have issues making myself clear in this post. So I decided to start by apologising for the grammar mistakes, the vocabulary issues & all you'll can find in this post that will make it less understandable.

However, I have to admit it. Since I was able to talk, I was the way I still am today, about 30 years later.
Most of the babies first word are "papa", "dada", depending on the place they get born.
Mine was : "I'm sorry to have to tell that this woman really is a bitch".

Nah... I'm exagerating. I'm not such a meanie.

Anyways, I really NEVER liked people who badmouth @others. The kind of people who unfairly judge people, who talk down to others, who pretend they would do SO much better.

I saw that too much at high school and sadly, I saw it happening in Second Life since The Rumor was born.

Oh, accusing a single blog would give them way too much importance. I think that the problem is quite bigger than that. The problem is the same since I joined the web in 1998 but also appears in RL.

People always want to be popular. Instead of being kind, open minded, good friends, they'd rather destroy, bash, bully people. Instead of learning things and building things, they'd rather fuck up everything around to show "hey look how strong I am".

As long as on SL, some people will keep on thinking that they are better than others just because they make something trendy, there will be issues.
As long as on SL, designers will compare each other, there will be problems.
As long as on SL, customers will consider that designers are their ennemies, making them pay bad for stuff that aren't worth a shit, there will be issues.
As long as some bloggers will write shit about what you build, not even knowing your aim & what are your original skills, there will be problems again.

People should just live for themselves & try to be kind for a while.

Criticize is always a good thing as long as it is CONSTRUCTIVE & FAIR. If you never touched to a prim and can't make the half of what X or Y store owner is able to do, then why should you feel authorized to be mean ?

There is nothing smart in it, no good intention, nothing that brings something good. The only effect is to see some events organizers getting scared at receiving a bad comment from a "famous" (250 ppl on the SL group isn't what I would call famous) blog.

And the effect is kinda sad on designers. A designer who will read that crap will prolly feel bad of it and start to wonder why people talk bad about his hard work. He'll start conforming to what he's expected to make just to avoid criticizes.

I always refused to go this way cos it is the way I am. I'm not going to start to make vintage cos it's trendy. I'm not gonna start licking some people's ass just cos they are trendy. I don't give a shit about being popular. I give a shit about being myself, building stuff I love and sharing it while keeping learning graphism, which isn't my real job.

In 3 years, I learned a lot about graphism and I never had touched to photoshop before. A lot of people do the same everyday cos they aren't professional graphists on SL, they are just people who want to have fun and create something, learn and share. Period.

If you don't love what I do, or what my friends do, that's all fine. I never forced anyone with a gun on the temple to buy anything in my store. Nor will I except if I'm asked to.

Shopping is a matter of choice. I do it everyday. I love some haircuts, dislike some others, will buy a skin and discard another, even from my favorite designers.

I'll not go to their stores and yell "oh god how ugly is that". It's a matter of respect.

Some people on SL build because they can't work RL. They are sick or disabled and can't do anything else of their days so they'll do it to keep a work life.
Some people build on SL just because they find it fun.
Some do it for the money, yes and they are rarer but still deserve respect.

Everyone does.

Since it existed, the Rumor has never been respectuous. Some of its bloggers are and have been. I respect their work. However, I'll never respect people who just spend their lives criticizing people in a mean way.

From now on, The Rumor isn't welcome @my sim anymore.

And no, I don't owe them anything because I never asked them to blog my stuff nor to talk shit about it or about my friends' stuff.
I never have been renting at their sim because I had a repulsion for that blog.

So there we are, I think SL would be way more beautiful without that popularity contest. Feel free to criticize my choice if you want to, anyway it seems like all of what some people can do is criticizing and trying to gain power & popularity by being bitches.

That is NOT anymore my problem. Good riddance !

PS : I have well conscience that whoever I ban, people have alts and will still be able to access my sim in other ways than on their mains. No need to snicker when those people will. I will not be able either to forbid them to blog my shit and badmouth about it. But this post and my decision is just symbolic of my clear opinion about those people. It means no cooperation, no events together, nothing to do with them. Am I making myself clear enough or do I need to get rude ? ^^

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