The sim is ready !

Posted: 7/13/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in

There we are ! After a few weeks of hard work, the mainstore & the new sim are finally done !
Except for a few details (nothing is never perfect & some vendors of the mall still need to set up), we are now ready to go.

First thing : let's thank Snookie Larnia for the wonderful work she brang in helping us to get the mainstore of our dreams ! You're amazing.

Second thing : we are welcoming THREE new vendors in our mall and those are friends : Hysteria by Electra Shadowcry (tattoos, face tattoos, accessories), SNG by Isis Zamin (former neko wonderland, she brings accessories & clothes) & Sweet'n'Tart by Tindle Zepp (Skins, accessories & more).

The other vendors remain : Loulou&co, Sassy Kitty (soon rebranding), Bubble, Razorblade Jacket, Repulse & Ancayi of course (thanks to Cagalli Tokyoska for bringing the temporary store, it helped more than you can imagine).

It means that we will have : a ton of jewelry, clothes, accessories, tats, gore/dark stuff but also girly items, skins, make ups & a lot more around the mall so please, really, visit it ! ^_^ It will be an amazing place to shop at for boys and girls.

Here are a few pictures of the place ^-^. We hope you enjoy it !

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