Week-end events & new releases !

Posted: 7/29/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in

Here comes the time for a new post about our week-end events.

We have a lot going on atm.


18 or more designers rezzes up to three items, including a new one on Clutter's sim. These items will be set for 60L all the week-end. I have three. The new one is the 1964 earrings. It is HERE.


This week is a theme-free week. One item for half price. It's a recent one.

Hunts !

Depraved Urban Wreckage is starting on the 1st august. Hint is : Hello my deer.

Rock Attitude Hunt @Ancayi's land (Angel Base) is starting on the 1st too.

Still going on : Waffle Fox Hunt & The Greedy hunt ! ^_^

Thank you !

A fast thank you to people we often forget to thank : events organizes ! So thanks to Cagalli, Clementine, Kylie, Heather, Chansey and all of the ones who help these events to be amazing.

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