Posted: 8/05/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in

This is a small, simple & basically fun collection that I built for myself a few days ago & since it fits with the TOSL theme, I thought I'd share it with my shiny happy customers.

Color change agrum (lemon, lime, orange & blood orange).

Those who will take this build seriously (as they always do when I make something random for fun) should stick that pickle out of there. Just sayin' cos mental health is one of my causes ;).

Oh, and that's an early release cos today is my 5 years wedding anniversary and I'll be gone most of the day. Enjoy it earlier then xxx

... And I know there is a r missing on the vendor, I need to correct it :D Photoshop sometimes doesn't take double letters for me @.@ annoying motherfucker.

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