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We're having a big time week end with a NEW COLLECTION RELEASE, 3 events and one sale.

Let's start with the new release : NYAN COLLECTION.

These items are totally remade and textures have been hand drawn from scratch. However, since it is inspired by NYAN cat, I felt like the price would be low so you don't pay the concept but just the textures.

 AND here comes LA VENTA EVENTA with a new make-up : Shimmering make-up brang in 8 colors. This is a glittery eye shadow.

Let's not talk about SUPER BARGAIN SATURDAY with a NEW nails set called STAMP. This is now a second generation nails set since it's MOD and the script is less heavy. It can now be adapted to any hand even if the 10, 20, 30 presets are still given to help you fitting faster.

A TASTE OF SECOND LIFE is back in black & we chosed these nails, the BAD WORDS nails which have never been in a sale since its release. Those are first generation nails and are no mod.

Let's also mention that there will be a sale on PINK ITEMS @Onyx Mall this week end. Items will be 99L$.

There we go for a fantastic week-end ! Check this out ^^

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