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Here we go again with a few events on this wedsnesday.

First, at the Mainstore, Woeful Wednesday with one item for 50L :

Grenage Free Wednesday
We recently opened a spot @Jersey Shore and here is our item for this week, the SLURL is available on the left side of this blog in the stores list :

Also note that a hunt will start soon out there.

TALES OF TERROR is also a hunt starting 1st october.
Here is a preview of one of the gifts. It's random and made to be FUN. Not serious.

Also starting 1st Oct , Depraved Dealers with ear plugs.

We'll also be @the fall sale @Pull'd'Vagin sim, in the Zombie Popcorn Hunt and in TOSL's hunt.

ZOMBIE POPCORN brand is also restarted so we're sure we'll get amazing things to do in the next few weeks !

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