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I had promised to remake my nails in MOD & COPY and this is done !
I've been working on it for two days. No more nailpolish bottles. Just a wall now.
The nails are now organized in 4 different collections : Essential (plain nails), Pattern (pattern...), Stylish (different styles from goth to rock passing by french) & Male (well, for males! And no, that won't fit to a girl's hand).
We'll prolly come with more collections later.

Please refrain from purchasing nails packs from satellite stores at the moment because the packs haven't been modified out there yet.

Also, if you purchased in the past a NO MOD version of the nails, please feel free to drop a NOTECARD including your name, the name of the item(s) and the transaction history and drop it to our CSR : VirtualInsanity Resident.
If you don't have the transaction history, please take a pic of yourself & put it in the notecard.

Thanks <3

[UPDATE 09/25/2011]
K most of malls aren't done except for Onyx Mall & Ancayi. Please refrain from purchasing nails out there. TY.

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