Posted: 10/13/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in

Just a little warning for those who play with vendors & posters regularly and to customers who tried to purchase my Woeful Wednesday item.

Yesterday, I was having two events : Grenade Free Wednesday @Jersey Shore sim and Woeful Wednesday at the mainstore.
I took a copy of my original GFW item and rezzed it at Jersey Shore sim.
For the Woeful Wednesday one, I just dragged and dropped a copy of the item on my events tables.
My vendors are always set as GIVE CONTENTS. The reason why I copy my vendors instead of creating a new one is that it's less work & it's easier that way cos the properties remain the same.

When I woke up this morning, I had some notecards from customers wondering why they weren't able to buy my Woeful Wednesday item.
I checked and found out that it now belonged to another avatar.
I understood that the vendor was therefore accidentally set on GIVE ORIGINAL instead of GIVE CONTENTS when the customer purchased it.
I returned the item to the new owner of the vendor and I'm going to contact her about this.

At Jersey Shore : same problem but even weirder. The item was set as GIVE COPY. Means that instead of getting a folder, the customers are getting a copy of the poster. That's not so much of a problem even though I prefer them to do not have to unpack anything.

What does that mean ?
1) I may be a sleepwalker.
2) A cornwall pixie decided to make fun of me early in the morning and I therefore need a chainsaw.
3) Or then, the most logic explaination, SL is having a bug.

Let's also say that it's IMPOSSIBLE that someone who has your MOD rights changes those properties cos they don't have access to it, it's greyed out.

I just wanted to share this with you so that :
1) customers know that everything is fine now and that the items are available for 24 more hours so everyone can has time to get the items,
2) merchants are informed that this can happen and have to be extra cautious when they copy a vendor.

That being said, I'm gonna remake a coffee cos mine is cold.

Thanks for reading.