Marketplace Update

Posted: 10/19/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in

I've got to admit that the last 2 days have been a huge torture for me cos' I definitely HATE administration work such as this one... But with Loulou&co's owner kicking me in the butt to do it, I finally started updating the Marketplace. Alleluia some might say !

At the moment, only a few items are available including the full Black Swan collection & the full female nails collection. I'm going to update more in the next few days if I find the time to do so but I also need some time to build.

Anyway, it means that not only you don't have to tp anymore to purchase some stuff but also that ALL of those items are now giftable from the point of purchase (not transferable, as always).

If you want to check that out, please just click here and don't forget that if you want to go back to there, you just need to click the marketplace logo on the left side of this blog.

Thanks for your support.