Week-end Events !

Posted: 10/21/2011 by .Loviathar Hellman in

This saturday from midnight, one item will be available for 60L in a selection of stores including mine. Here I come with this set of 2 underwear packs. Please note that the back of the bra has also a corset part to decorate it. The black one is NOT the same as the brocade one availablr for group members. That one is brocade, this one is plain black fabric, handrawn.


This saturday too, a selection of vendors will set 1 item of their collection for 75L. The theme is black & orange and I remade a pack of nails in orange & black (and a bit of white). Halloween is coming, let's be in the mood from hair to fingers !

All of that is available @the mainstore before midnight for myself (cos I sleep at that time of the day, I'm european remember...) and you'll be able to find it just in the main hall of the store on the white tables.

To check out our events, please don't forget to look at the posters on the left wall of the mainhall and outside at the landing point for hunts and fairs. TY.